Accessibility Statement

This website has been created and is maintained keeping strict standards and accessibility into account. Accessibility, on the web, means that people using different platforms, browsers, systems or special hardware will be able to access all information and content of the actual website. That includes people with a disability like : blind, visually-impaired, low-vision or color-blind people using screen-readers or special hardware for braille reading ; mobility-impaired people (involving the hands or arms), using keyboards guards and overlays, switches or special mice ; and people with learning disabilities. Also, if at some stage of the update of the website, we include sounds, music or multimedia content, we will make our best to suit deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

We believe that everyone have the right to use our website (and the web in general) and get access to the same content. For more information about this statement, to tell us of any accessibility problem or to make suggestion on how we could improve the accessibility of our website, feel free to use the form on the contact page.

Using Access Keys

The most important links on every pages of our website uses access keys to facilitate navigation. Access keys support in browsers is, at this date, variable from none to complete. However, even if your browser support them, access keys can still conflict with default system behaviors like menu shortcuts (In both Windows and Mac OS). For these reasons, access keys have been a source of great debates over the last years. One thing for sure is that future browsers should be able to use them without problems or conflicts.

If you're afraid of access keys or if your browser doesn't support them, just ignore this feature and navigate within the website as you do everyday and you will notice no difference at all. For those who want to use access keys throughout our website or who’s desire is to try them for the first time, here is the list of access keys used on all our pages :

  • Access key 1 : Home page
  • Access key 2 : About page
  • Access key 3 : Blog page
  • Access key 5 : Photography page
  • Access key 6 : Resources page
  • Access key 7 : Contact page
  • Access key c : Skip to content
  • Access key b : Skip to sidebar
  • Access key s : Skip to search
  • Access key t : Back to top of the page
  • Access key u : Enlarge text size
  • Access key v : Default text size
  • Access key w : Align text left
  • Access key x : Align text justified
  • Access key y : Add more contrast to page for easier reading
  • Access key z : Default appearence

On Windows, use ALT + Access key. If you use Mac OS, use CTRL + Access key.